High powered truck mount equipment.
Carpet and rugs
Steam cleaning using a carefully selected range of carpet cleaning solutions that are applied directly to the surface area are agitated into the pile. This maximizes the release of dirt and oil, it is then rinsed using a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machine. This process allows for the removal of both dirt and cleaning solutions leaving the carpets clean and removes any residue left behind from the solutions used. Steam cleaning is a full deep clean, and is the process recommended by most major carpet manufacturers.
Tile and grout cleaning Perth
Using the latest in steam cleaning technology we are dedicated to provide specialized cleaning solutions for all your tiled and grouted surfaces. Our truck mounted machine is ideally suited to restore tile and grout to as new condition leaving them clean and hygienic.
For an additional fee we can also seal grout lines with a natural look penetrating sealer. This helps to prevent re-staining keeping your floors looking cleaner for longer. We can also offer polishing depending on your particular requirements.
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Truck mounted steam Cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Rug cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Floorboard sealing and polishing
Surface polishing
Tile cleaning