Fabric and grout protection
Depending on your unique situation fabric and grout protection can be an important part on the cleaning process by aiding in prolonging the life and look of your floor coverings and furniture. It is important however to remember that it may not be suitable for all fabric types or tiles. This is especially so when it comes to upholstery cleaning. In some cases fabric protection can destroy the fibre, and in some cases bleach or stain the surface area.
Where fabric protection can be applied to a fibre it creates increased surface tension so that any liquid that is spilled will find it difficult to penetrate the surface of the fabric pile. This allows the liquid to bead and prevents soil from entering the fibres allowing cleaning by vacuuming or absorbent sponge with reduced risk of staining.
If spills and soil are unable to penetrate the fibre, fabrics and carpets will look cleaner for longer saving you time and money. This is of significant benefit considering the large investment people make in carpeting or furnishing their homes. This is of considerable benefit over winter.
First class tile and carpet cleaning will rejuvenate and restore your tile or carpet to the highest possible standard. Utilizing the latest steam cleaning or polishing technology we are capable of offering our customers professional service and peace of mind at an affordable price.
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